5 Inch Black Crow Prop


Aside from pumpkins, ghosts, and skeletons, the crow is one of the most widely used Halloween decorations! Get this 5-Inch Black Crow Decoration or a whole flock of them and create a spooky tree or just hang them around the yard!

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Creeping CrowsA chill wind blows through your neighborhood, shaking the trees and sending the few remaining leaves from their branches. Somehow the towering specimen in your front yard looks full still. You find it strange. After all, you’ve raked the yard twice already. You go to inspect the sight as another gust whips down the street and the lingering “leaves” on your tree take flight, cawing and rustling as they go. You shiver as the crows fill the air with their spine-chilling song. No matter what, their small dark figures fill you with a bit of dread that you can’t help but associate with the fall.Product DetailsCapture that eerie feeling for your Halloween decor with these 5-inch Black Crows. This lightweight version of the creepy bird is a welcome alternative to the larger flocks that fill your yard with their chilling dispositions. Add one of the faux fowls to your graveyard display or create a whole flock among your trees. Along with your typical Halloween display, these macabre songbirds are sure to spook the entire neighborhood.Sinister ShiversAdd another sinister element to your Halloween decorations with these 5-inch black crows. Whether you leave one to closely watch the neighborhood or fill your entire yard with their little black shapes, these crows will send shivers down every passerby’s spine!

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