Faux Leather Choker with Metal Ring


Whether you are dressing up as a vampire, bunny girl, or an evil gothic necromancer, this Black Faux Leather Choker with Metal Ring will be the perfect accessory to complete your look!

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Faux Leather? Fo’sho!Go for a different look this Halloween. You don’t want to be another mundane monster just mashing out on the dance floor. You’ll just end up getting lost in the crowd. Make sure you stand out. With this Black Faux Leather Choker with Metal Ring accessory, that should not be a problem at all. You can look like you’re a part of a hardcore biker gang or even a member of a metal band. Of course, this accessory will be a perfect addition to many more costumes. From a vampire mistress to a bunny girl with a mean streak, this faux leather choker is a must-have.  It’s easy to put on, simple yet stylish, and it goes with just about anything. It is basically the perfect accessory.Product DetailsThis accessory is made of black faux leather. There is a metal ring as well as metal snaps. This item is made in a single size that should fit around the neck of most. There is also a slight size adjustment included located at the snap button closure.A Little Leather Goes A Long WaysComplete your costume this Halloween with this perfect accessory. After the night has passed add a little leather to your daily attire.

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