Billie Eilish Adult Green Double Bun Wig


Channel your inner pop star and sing moody hits, when you wear the Billie Eilish Adult Green Double Bun Wig.

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Green Is GreatNeon green is a very interesting color. It’s an extremely light green that’s mixed with a lot of yellow. Those two colors don’t complement most people’s complexions, which might make us think that neon green isn’t very attractive. It’s been called a “slimy” green, and the recent trend of literally making your own slime has made the color a bit more popular. There’s also a movement of bringing things from the 80s back into fashion, and chartreuse is definitely one of them. But nothing is as powerful of an influence on pop culture as celebrities. If we had to credit one thing for the return of this bright hue, it would be the pop singer Billie Eilish. Her green roots that matched her green outfits became her signature style, and if you’d like to join her, we have just the thing.Product DetailsIf this color makes you also want to sing, this Billie Eilish green double bun wig is for you. You can get the flair of this iconic singer without having to bleach or dye your hair! Pair this wig with Billie’s green graffiti outfit to really capture her look.Wonderful WigIf you like neon green (or Billie Eilish), you’ll love this Billie Eilish green double bun wig. Use it to complete a costume so you can look just like her, or wear it whenever you need a pop of color!

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