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Have a bone-chilling yard this Halloween season with the Bag O’ Bones Decoration! Your home will be extra spooky this Halloween with the Bag O’ Bones Decoration!

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Rest in PiecesWhat’s your favorite scary character to decorate your home with during the Halloween season? Some people love to have all kinds of witches in their house, riding brooms and stirring cauldrons. Others are fans of having ghosts hanging around, ready to spook any unsuspecting passersby. Still others prefer to decorate their homes with spiderwebs and their creepy eight-legged inhabitants. If you like to get your chills and thrills from skeleton props, you might run into a problem when trying to decorate. Complete, life-size skeletons are as big as a person! If you don’t have quite enough room in your home for a lot of these eerie pieces, maybe you need something a little more manageable.Product DetailsThis Bag O’ Bones Halloween Decoration is the perfect thing to add a scary touch to your home this fall season. After all, the only thing creepier than a skeleton is just part of one! And if you don’t have room for an entire human-sized prop, but you still want the effect of a realistically sized skull or arm bone, this set is what you need. It includes a skull, hands, feet, a section of spine, and some arm bones. You can use them in different places around your house or make an eerie display with all of them together. No matter how you decide to show them off, they’re sure to give you the chills!

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