Stranger Things Adult Deluxe Video Stop Steve S4 Costume


This Stranger Things Adult Deluxe Video Stop Steve S4 Costume is to help immerse you in the world of Stranger Things. Feel like part of the crew with a slap of nostalgia.

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All Grown UpThe legend of Steve Harrington is enough to get anyone enthralled. Take a guy who starts out flipping his awesome hair from side to side and rolling his eyes at the idea of hanging out with a bunch of nerds. Add in some seriously scary scenes and a couple of courageous moments. Now you’re left with a hometown hero who has a secret handshake with the ultimate nerd and saves the day on the regular, even if it means he isn’t winning much romance along the way. Some might say that Steve has really lost his edge, but we think that he’s truly grown into the ranks of an epic hero!Now you might be looking for the perfect costume to show off your love for Stranger Things and are trying to decide between Eleven’s superpowers or Will’s unintentional True Sight. But, have you considered the real hero of Hawkings? It’s time to suit up in style… even if it means heading to work at the video joint for a few hours before saving the day.Product DetailsBecome the hero we all knew you could be when you buy this Stranger Things Deluxe Video Shop Steve from Season 4 of the hit Netflix show. This is a quick-and-easy transformation thanks to the Family Video Stop shirt and vest combo. This shirt base has a collar and is detailed with stripes that look like they came right out of the ’80s. The green vest is attached and shows Steve’s orange name tag and the Video Stop logo. Tuck it in your own trousers for a professional look or go untucked for a more heroic edge! All you’ll need next is to choose one of our dark wigs so you won’t have to work out Steve’s unique hairstyle process. (Trust us—it did not work so well for Dustin!)

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