Storm Shadow Snake Eyes Movie Sword


Accessorize your costume with this epic Snake Eyes Movie Storm Shadow Sword. This sword is sure to complete your look and make a statement at your next Halloween party.

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A Storm Hidden in the ShadowsYou can’t take on the best of the best in a battle royal and hope to have a chance without the right weapon. When Storm Shadow picks a fight with the Joe Team, he’s not going into battle without his trusty sword in hand. Now, you may not feel ready to single-handedly take on the GI Joes but that’s because you don’t have this Snake Eyes Movie accessory in your hands. Once you have Storm Shadow’s sword, you’ll feel ready to take over the world. Just don’t let your newfound ambitions cloud your head and make you overly confident. That’s when the Joe Team catches you off guard and foils your dastardly plans. So make sure that once you get your hands on this Snake Eyes Movie replica that you don’t forget to sharpen your swordsmanship and keep up with your ninja training.Product DetailsThis toy is an officially licensed accessory. It’s made of molded plastic and designed after the weapon Storm Shadow wields in the Snake Eyes Movie. The grip is molded to look like it is wrapped with leather thongs. The total length of the sword is 32inches long; the grip is 9inches while the blade is another 23inches.

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