Deluxe Stranger Things Eddie Munson Costume


As a leader of the D&D Hellfire Club, you know a thing or two about monsters. So it’s only fitting that you wear this Stranger Things Men’s Deluxe Eddie Munson Costume!

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Master of the DiceThe Stranger Things Party certainly know a thing or two about D&D. They can dive into those books and look up all sorts of strange creatures and bizarre places in order to help explain the mysterious events of the Upside Down. But it is only natural that there is someone that knows even more about the game than they! Maybe someone who has taken the role of the Dungeon Master to the next level and created an entire club centered around a weekly game that never misses a moment. Enter the true D&D devotee, Eddie Munson. When you’re talking about dealing with creatures even greater than the ones you’ve seen before, it is critical to have a ne’er-do-well hero like Eddie on your side!Product DetailsEven better, why not step into the role on your own! With this Men’s Stranger Things Deluxe Eddie Munson costume, you’ll be able to bring the metalhead Dungeon Master to life. All you’ll need is the detailed jean jacket! While it is technically useful for getting Nancy and Steve to cool it down, it’s even better for giving you the iconic ’80s look of a high school gamer! The jacket features faux vinyl sleeves for a leathery look while the jean vest has gamer patches—including the highly prized Dexterity statistic! The Hellfire Club logo t-shirt is attached to the jacket for an easy transformation without a ton of parts.Stranger IdeasAny Dungeon Master knows that you need a full party to bring home the win. So, attract the masses when you add one of our wild black wigs to your look for a true metal-head style. Then team up with your friends in our collection of Stranger Things costumes for an epic group costume that would have even Vecna thinking twice!

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