Toddler’s Dazzling Disco Dude Costume


Your little one may not have been around during the Disco era, but you can sure make them look like they were in this exclusive Dazzling Disco Dude Toddler Costume.

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A tiny tot who totally rules the dance floor? Yippee! We’ve always admired disco dancers for their suave moves, and if you feel the same way, then it’s time to get your toddler boogieing. And when he’s ready to use all those hip moves, he’s going to need a sweet look to show off his stuff. And that’s when he needs this Dazzling Disco Dude costume!This stylish look is so 70s that it’s a real blast from the past. But in sizes 12/18 months to 4T, it’s a look any young one can wear to become a disco persona. This costume is made and designed by us, and it’s ready for any club or dance floor. Let your boy or girl become the “Disco Dude” and if they’re not cutting a rug in short order, well, we’d be shocked!This snazzy jumpsuit costume has a “dazzling” silver chrome finish. Black vertical stripes add just the right amount of style, and it’s all a one piece costume with a back zipper for easy on and off. Which is important, because after a long night of dancing, we’re sure your kiddo is going to want to get into something more comfortable to nap it off.Let ’em snooze all night (and maybe all day too) and we’re sure they’ll be ready to hit the disco scene again the next eve. When he’s got the moves, and this toddler’s Dazzling Disco dude costume, there’s nothing that’s going to stop him from going out on the dance floor!

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