Dazzling Silver Disco Girls Costume


It’s time to put on your kids boogie shoes and dress them in this exclusive Dazzling Silver Disco Girls Costume. This disco get-up features a black and silver bell bottom jumpsuit and a silver sequin shawl.

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You should be dancing, yeah!When it comes to dancing, you basically take the cake. There isn’t a dance move that you can’t do. Whenever the Village People’s hit, “YMCA,” is blaring through the speakers, you can outstretch your arms to form the letters perfectly. You’re amazing at flapping your arms to The Funky Chicken. You’re a pro when it comes to doing The Hustle on the light-up dance floor. You’re able to impersonate John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever like no other.Not only are you an ace when you’re dancing to hit songs of yesteryear, but you’re also really skilled at popular dance crazes. You can do the Cupid Shuffle like a champ. You always steal the spotlight when it’s time to bust out the Dougie. Both the Whip AND the Nae Nae come naturally to you, plus you can Dab on ’em like no one’s business!It sounds like you have raw talent for busting impressive dance moves, so we want you to sport an outfit that’s both comfortable and snazzy. Parents, outfit your dancing daughters in this dazzling silver disco costume so they’ll shine just like the disco ball they’re dancing under. They’ll be able to do even the most complicated dance moves in this relaxed-fitted black jumpsuit with shimmering sequins. The cape features faux-fur trim and flares outward whenever she twirls. Great news, there’s a matching costume in your size so you two can choreograph a dance together, film it, and upload it to social media. It’s bound to go viral by morning!

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