Steampunk Buttons Accessory


Embellish your steampunk costume with these Steampunk Buttons. They feature buttons that look like mechanical steampunk gears.

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The Gorgeous GearheadThat Steampunk style knows how to blend machinery and fashion. We don’t we still do that? Victorian style was over-the-top, to begin with, but when we add the gears and coils that are synonymous with this science fiction inspired style, frilly  Victorian styles become timeless and gritty. What’s not to love about a bustle that’s paired with leather, buckles, and metal detailing? Maybe throw on a couple fingerless gloves and some knee-high boots and you’ve got it made. The thing is, the trick to a Steampunk look is the detailing. Integrate these buttons into your look an extra steampunk edge. Product DetailsYou’ll get eight steampunk buttons with this button packet. They are a rustic pewter color with high tech gear molding. Sew them onto your costume through the four buttonholes. Your look will be far from grinding your gears, they’ll probably make your look complete. An Adventurous EnsembleThere are a lot of adventures to have while dressed in the Steampunk style. Design space ships mixed with hot air balloons. Mess around with chemistry (or don’t, the Victorians made some serious mistakes). Weld some gears together to make some weird machinery. One thing is certain, you’ll look capable of some serious steampunk exploring when you’re wearing these buttons!

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