Steampunk Pistol Grip Cane Prop


This Steampunk Pistol Grip Cane carries the look of an antique firearm, perfect for your transformation into a roguish gentleman from an alternate reality. Trippy, right?

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Welcome to the world of steampunk, where steam power represents the pinnacle of human innovation and Nikola Tesla is a demigod amongst men. If you’ve played BioShock or read much H.G. Wells, this introduction is likely unnecessary.It’s a wonderful world in which gears are a major fashion statement, irreverence is a way of life, and this Steampunk Pistol Grip Cane is a revered and multi-function accessory… thing! It features a grip shaped like a fantasy-inspired pistol and combines it with a handy cane, so you can play the role of dashing rogue and charming gentleman, all in one fell swoop! Your transformation from a penny-pushing accountant, or whatever, to a roguish gent from an alternate reality (trippy, right?) is but one mere cane away! With this in your grip, you’ll be geared up for any sort of steampunk-y shenanigans.

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