Ghostbusters Adult Cosplay Gloves


Add the perfect touch to your Ghostbuster costume with the Ghostbusters Adult Cosplay Gloves. Be a real Ghostbuster with the Ghostbusters Adult Cosplay Gloves!

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Grab the Milk – It’s in the Fridge Next to the Ghost Ugh, Mondays. They’re the days when everything seems to go wrong. You’re out of coffee filters, traffic is awful, and your home city has become a supernatural hotspot. Those eerie pests are everywhere, from universities to your neighbor’s linen closet. Some people would consider this turn of event to be an opportunity to up their moping. Not you! You see a calamity and turn it into an opportunity. Picture it: You and your best buds roaming the city unafraid, mopping up ghosts and making bank! Product DetailsTo really make your brand-new ghostbusting business a success, you’ll need to dress the part. Fortunately, we have just what you need – these officially licensed, exclusively designed Ghostbusters Adult Cosplay gloves fit the bill exactly! Slide the shiny, faux-leather gloves onto your hands and get ready to save the city one more time. Get That Ghost! Proton packs at the ready! It’s time to be a hero. People may not have believed in you before, but once they see your bravery and innovative thinking – as well as your snazzy accessories – they’ll be cheering your name in no time! 

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