Harry Potter Deluxe Professor McGonagall – Light Up Wand


Your Professor McGonagall costume would not be complete without thisHarry Potter Deluxe Professor McGonagall Light Up Wand. This wand will light up as you cast your spells!

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A Perfect ReplicaAny Potter fan knows that “the wand chooses the wizard,” but what if you are a mere muggle simply slipping into a Halloween costume as your favorite witch? What wand shall you choose then? You can’t very well make it to Olivander’s (Sigh. Believe us, we’ve tried), now can you?  If you’re dressing as everyone’s favorite professor, Minerva McGonagall, then you’ll need this Harry Potter Deluxe Professor McGonagall Light Up Wand to hold at the ready! No, it’s not the real thing, sadly, only Minerva gets to wield that. But, it’s the next best thing! Make sure you memorize the wand’s details — 9 and a 1/2 inches of fir wood with a dragon heartstring core—so you can sound authentic as you cast your spells. It’s time to learn how to be an animagus and focus on your transfiguration skills, because once you have this wand (and the right costume), there will be no telling you from the real Minerva McGonagall!Product DetailsNot only is this accessory an officially licensed replica of Professor McGonagall’s powerful wand, but get this…it really lights up! What kind of magic is that? Now you can feel even more like you have stepped onto the castle grounds of Hogwarts. Let’s just hope you don’t have to use this wand to fight off any dementors.  

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