Spartan Cheerleader Women’s Costume


Rah Rah! It’s the time to rile up the crowd and get them in the Halloween Spirit! Become the funny SNL cheerleader when you wear this Spartan Cheerleader Costume.

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Who’s that Spartan in my teepee? It’s me! It’s me!Sorry, that second part was actually for you to say, but we got so worked up over that awesome cheer that we got ahead of ourselves. If you want to join in on the cheering and school spirit, just hop into our exclusive Spartan Cheerleader Costume, and you’ll be ready for the whole crowd to “check you out!”The crowds at any Spartan High School function can count on the dedicated cheer team of Arianna and her partner in crime, Craig, to rally them to victory! From basketball games and homecoming parades, to quieter events like food drives and prom, the Spartan Cheerleaders always have extra cheer to spare if you’re running low. It might be because they are on their fifth latte of the morning, or because of their endless quest to give the perfect cheer routine, but as long as there is something going on to cheer at, and at least one person in the bleachers paying attention (or even if they aren’t), Arianna and Craig will be there to put on a show!Luckily, you don’t need to go through try-outs to be on the cheer squad. You just need that same enthusiasm and pep as Arianna, and this Spartan cheerleader costume. We’ve designed it after the uniform worn in the classic Saturday Night Live sketch, so all you need to add is your favorite pair of sneakers, and maybe some pom poms and a bullhorn to work on your own perfect cheer routine! A few shots of espresso wouldn’t hurt, either.

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