Wise Man Brown Beard and Mustache


The Boys Wise Man Brown Beard and Mustache will have you looking like one of the three wise men! Don’t let them fool you by saying you’re too young to have a beard! prove them wrong with this perfect beard and mustache.

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The Wisdom of the WigHas your kid been waiting for stubble to grow in sooner rather than later? You see him studying his chin, waiting for the growth. We get it. Beards make people look wise like that hair is hiding all the answers in the world. Maybe a beard will help him figure out that he does actually need to brush his teeth every night. Maybe a beard will make him do his homework the night before rather than rushing to do it on the bus on the way to school. Or hey, maybe he’ll be his regular old self but with a beard. Either way, there’s no need for him to sit around waiting for that stubble to grow in. Product DetailsIf your kid wants to look like an ancient Wiseman then you’ll need a good, hefty beard because if there’s anything you want while following a star through the desert it’s a filter for all that sand. The bottom of the beard straps onto your face and the mustache sticks to the upper lip so that speaking is easy. Top it all off with a wig and your look will be complete. Star PlayerAre you ready for your kid to star in your church’s Nativity Scene? Or maybe your kid just needs an epic beard for a Halloween costume. Either way, your child is sure to enjoy having a luxuriously hairy face that’ll flaunt his newly wise state of being. Who knew you could order wisdom online?

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