CLUE Wrench Weapon


Finish off your classic board game killer with the CLUE Wrench Weapon. This will help to create your character for your “Who Done It?” party and do a live action game of CLUE.

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The Real Murder Mystery Daggers make sense as weapons. They’re very sharp, and sharp things tend to cause a lot of bleeding when you stab someone with them. Revolvers are obviously another understandable choice as a murder device. But a wrench? First of all, who leaves wrenches lying around conservatories or ballrooms? Second of all, who passes up a dagger and decides to use a wrench to do their dirty work? Product DetailsShow your commitment to the perfect crime – err, costume – with an officially licensed Wrench Weapon from CLUE! The exclusive eleven-inch accessory is made of durable polyurethane foam that has been cleverly painted to look like a weathered metal tool. You’ll have everyone thinking that you’re a kind houseguest ready to fix a leaking pipe for your host, while you’re actually a cold-blooded murderer! Whodunit?Avoid detection and get away with your crime! The wrench will hopefully throw the detectives off of your trail so you can focus on embodying your colorful character. 

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