Duck Nose


You can quack quack all you want. Without a Duck Nose you’re just a talking bird. That’s right a talking bird.

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Well, thankfully it’s rabbit season, so you can get away with wearing this stylish Duck Nose (instead of doing your own duck face… if you keep making that face it will stay that way)! You can dress up as any number of the iconic ducks that had entered our lives in one way or another, through comics, television, whichever you preferred. Or you could even try to make a name for yourself as a new drake on the rise, and give the rest of those quacks a run for their money. Grab some white or black feathers along with a pair of little orange webbed feet and your transformation is well on its way. It’s up to you whether or not your feathers will be covered by an outfit of some sort or free to feel the breeze. One thing you can’t go without, however, is a duckbill. So, grab this Duck Nose accessory and quack your little heart out. Just be careful if someone breaks out the duck sauce…may be time to waddle away.

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