Plus Size Alluring Alice Costume for Women


You won’t want to be late to the party with our Plus Size Women’s Alluring Alice Costume for some Halloween fun! This dress features a sexy twist on Alice’s iconic blue dress.

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All grown upEveryone knows Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The curious little girl is always chasing white rabbits down tunnels and walking through looking glasses to explore the upside-down world outside. But most people just remember Alice from her childhood days, when she was still a little girl. We want to know what happened to Alice when she grew up.We bet that she stayed just as curious as she ever had been. She probably still tries candies that say “eat me” on them, and we’re guessing that she still enjoys a good fun round of flamingo croquet. She’s got to still be friends with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, right? Yes, we’re sure that Alice is still brave and curious and imaginative like always—but maybe her fashion tastes have grown up a little. After all, she can’t run around in little girls’ dresses and pinafores forever!Product detailsShow off the grown-up side of everyone’s famous little curious character with this Women’s Plus Size Alluring Alice Costume. The exclusive costume features a stylish blue satin-like dress made out of 100 percent polyester, which is covered in black-and-white ribbon trim details and edged with white lace along the sleeve cuffs and hemline. It has cute puffed sleeves and an apron sewn on the front, along with a zipper down the back for easy wear. The velvet bow belt has a hook-and-loop fastener on the back, while the velvet collar has contrasting lapels. There’s also a velvet collar with a black-and-white satin bow attached to it. (The gloves, purse and boots are sold separately.)Through the looking glassJust like Alice said she couldn’t be blamed for growing up, we definitely can’t blame you for wanting to update your Alice costume to something a little less… childish. Now you can have all the whimsy of Alice’s iconic look while still staying fashionable. Just watch out for the Queen of Hearts!

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