Adult Green Alien Jumpsuit Costume


This Adult Green Alien Jumpsuit Costume is for the adult that wants to find new life among the stars. Are aliens really green? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

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Aliens Just Wanna Have FunHumans have never experienced any confirmed alien encounters. So why do we always assume that they just want to kidnap us and shove probes in uncomfortable places? Or why do we think that they’d want to conquer a planet that frequently has trouble with its ozone layer? When they do visit, they’ll probably just want to experience all of the good things that the planet has to offer. Maybe they’d like to catch a sunset because their home atmosphere on Venus is too thick and full of molton metal to give them an appropriately romantic view of the sun disappearing over its horizon. Maybe they’d like to cheer at a football game or eat a bunch of nachos. Think of them as green, bug-eyed tourists! Product DetailsRep your home planet by wearing this Green Alien Jumpsuit Costume for Adults! The one-piece outfit is made of soft polyester fleece (who knew that extraterrestrials were this cuddly?) A zipper up the center front makes it easy and convenient to wear as a costume or loungewear. Elastic bands secure the footies under your soles. The attached hood features alien face detail on the top as well as fiber-filled antenna tipped with fun pom-poms. Welcome to Earth! When people see how friendly you are, they won’t scream and run. They’ll invite you to join them in their curious, arcane celebration called “Hal O Een” which is apparently all about eating a lot of chocolate and scattering fake body parts around their yards. How fascinating. You will definitely receive an honorary degree from Venus’s Institute of Knowledge when you return with your insights! 

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