Slytherin Heathered Pom Beanie


Represent your favorite house in style with the Slytherin Heathered Pom Beanie. Featuring a green beanie with Slytherin branding.

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Not All Slytherins Are SalazarsOkay, let’s start out by saying that Slytherins get a bad rap. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious or cunning! Sure, there have been some bad apples, but that is true of every Hogwarts house. While the traits of Slytherin can tend towards the dark, there are plenty of fine Slytherins who have helped the wizarding world. So be loud and proud, Slytherins! Show off your house affiliation with this fashionable Slytherin Heathered Pom Beanie. Product DetailsThis soft beanie is designed to fit most heads, so adults and kids alike can enjoy this stylish Hogwarts gear. The acrylic fabric features a variety of greens and grays, giving the hat a beautiful, textured look. The cuff of the hat is grayer than the body, and features two green stripes around the circumference. Layers of different greens lead up to a big gray and green pompom on the crown. And, of course, the crest! The embroidered patch features Slytherin’s traditional serpentine crest, while an additional serpent snakes around its borders. With this beanie on your head, there is no doubt of which house the Sorting Hat put you in. Here’s to the good apples of Slytherin house!

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