Friendly Neighbor Costume for Men


Won’t you be my neighbor? You can be the legendary children’s television personality in this Men’s Friendly Neighbor Costume. Don’t forget to change your shoes.

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Not Just Kid’s StuffThe neighborhood is filled with children in costumes imagining they’re princesses with magic castles and vampires that can fly from house to house while hunting candy. You watch as they knock on doors and chant trick-or-treat before reaching your home where a bowl full of candy sits waiting to be shared. But a big part of you wants to be touring the street, asking for sweets and pretending you’re a monster or magical being.We’re here to tell you, you can! Playing pretend isn’t just for kids. In fact, the Neighborhood of Make-Believe was run by an adult, one Mr. Rogers. He and his playful mind always encouraged “kids” of all ages to play along with the stories he and his puppets would tell. So, hop on the trolley once again and follow it on to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe for another beautiful day.Product DetailsWith this Men’s Friendly Neighbor Costume, you won’t just need to pretend to live in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, you can become the iconic man. This 4 piece costume starts with a vibrant red knit-sweater that zips in the front for easy wear. An included vinyl hairpiece will turn your everyday hairstyle into his classic combed look. To ensure you’re ready to dive back into the Neighborhood of Make-Believe you’ll find both a Daniel Striped Tiger and a King Tuesday XIII-inspired puppet with the costume. All you’ll need to polish off the officially licensed look is a pair of slacks, a necktie, and some comfy shoes!A Special DayMake Halloween an extra special day just by being you, except dressed in this Men’s Friendly Neighbor Costume. You’ll be able to relive the fun of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe with Mr. Rogers’ classic look at your disposal. So, embrace your sense of wonder and get ready to play pretend again!

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