Teddy Bear Pet Costume


Cute and cuddly dogs and cats can only be made even more adorable with this Teddy Bear Pet Costume! This fuzzy brown bear costume will have your pet’s face showing as the teddy bear’s face with ears on top of the hooded costume that will go down their che

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Your Best ProtectorRemember the story of the teddy bear that guards the kiddos at night from all of the most terrible nightmares? Wielding a little sword or even just smiling cute, no agent of the darkness could possibly dare threaten you! Well, we have to think that our pets are usually doing the job on their own. But, if there is anything that’ll make our little guardians’ jobs easier, we’re happy to throw some armor their way. Fortunately, your furry little knights won’t need anything too bulky.Product DetailsGive your pet the mysterious powers possessed only by the teddy bear with the most innovative technique we’ve come up with to date. You guessed it: dress your pup or kitty up in this Teddy Bear costume! The soft hood fits over your pet’s neck and their paws step into the ‘feet’ of the bear. The shining red bow finishes off the adorable look so you and your pet can focus on the fun! A Snuggly SaviorNot only is your pet your best buddy, but when you dress them up in this Teddy Bear costume, they’ll gain all the protective powers of the magical teddy bear, too! We can’t promise that they’ll be quite as willing to cuddle up once they’re in the costume, but they’ll certainly look the part! 

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