Adult Mime Costume


This Adult Mime Costume is perfect for the strong but silent type. Let your actions speak for you! It’s easy to get yourself out of uncomfortable positions by making a wall or box for yourself.

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Do you ever get the sense that you have a lot going on in your mind but you don’t quite have the right words to describe it? Do you communicate better with elaborate hand signals and complex body language?If the answer is “yes,” then we might just have the perfect costume for you this Halloween. The white gloves, the poplin skullcap, the classic black-and-white horizontal striped shirt–of course! You could be the perfect mime. With this timeless Mime Costume, you can delight your friends with an invisible tug of war or with an existential demonstration of angst within an invisible wall. Now you can finally find the ideal way to express all those thoughts racing through your head! Worried about the economy? You can easily mime the ideal Dow Jones average! The last season of your favorite show got you down? Simply re-enact all its problems (with your hilarious solutions). Disastrous date from last week still on your mind? Don’t hesitate to show your friends how you accidentally set the stove on fire while trying to cook an impressive meal! There’s no entertainment beyond the range of a Mime as skilled as you.To help complete the look, this outfit comes with black poplin pants with an elastic waistband (for increased mobility), red elastic suspenders, and the highly complementary red bandana. Now pull it all together and get out there and finally “talk” about all the brilliant ideas you’ve been keeping to yourself!

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