Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Classic Adult Costume


Look dark, evil and beautiful in this Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Classic Adult Costume. This Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Classic Adult Costume will be the envy of all your Disney villain friends when you show up in this at your next party.

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Mistress of All EvilOutside of her interaction with the royal family, we bet the life of Maleficent would be pretty cool. Imagine living in the woods with a crow that’s loyal to only you while wearing fabulously draping ensembles. That’s the kind of lifestyle that would be shared like crazy on Pinterest these days. Other than her mischief with the king and queen’s baby princess, what other evil was this fairy stirring up? Was she the type that twisted the woods around an absent-minded woodsman so that they weren’t able to find the clearing of downed logs that they just had cleared? Or perhaps she’d send a flock of crows to sit around the May Day festival and totally ruin the vibe. What kinds of evil magic would you whip up if you were a powerful forest fairy? Maybe you’ll get some ideas when you slip into the elegant yet ever so evil robes of Maleficent!Product DetailsDisney really nailed it when they illustrated Maleficent for Sleeping Beauty. Her draping black and purple robes are ever so perfect for appearing in a castle in a puff of smoke. The full tunic slips over your head and fits a variety of sizes. It also has an attached high collar to frame your face. A tall foam hood completes your wicked ensemble, making sure people respect your evil power!Villain InvestmentsWhen you’ve decided to become an infamous Disney villain, you need to take it on with all the drama bestowed on the characters in the original cartoon. If you want to dress up as Maleficent, pairing this costume with a tall staff and your raven companion, Diablo. And if you can rig up a puff of smoke to appear in, that would be even better! Dressing up as a Disney villain can be even more fun than dressing up as a princess or a hero. Go for it and invest in your new villainous attire! 

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