Deluxe Adult Stitch Kit


If Stitch is one of your favorite Disney characters and you are planning to dress up like him, you need this Deluxe Adult Stitch Kit. This Deluxe Adult Stitch Kit features adorable Stitch themed accessories including a headband with Stitch ears, one of St

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Time to Experiment,  626 StyleWant to transform into your favorite alien in the Disney universe? Well, we can make that a simple task. All you need to do is grab this Stitch Kit for Adults! With the help of this costume kit, you’ll become the lovable Stitch from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. You’ll have his big adorable ears and his furry blue paws at your disposal. Even his cute fluff of a tail comes with this kit. You won’t however have his insanely destructible strength and speed. Also, his ability to climb walls and ceilings doesn’t come with this kit either. You’ll basically have all of the cuteness of Stitch minus any of his superhuman powers. But who needs powers when you’re cute and fluffy?Product DetailsThis costume kit is compiled of three separate pieces that, when put together, make an adorable combination. First, there is the headband that has Stitch’s ears attached as well as a tuft of blue hair. Next, is a pair of Stitch’s blue paws. There are four fingers on each one and at the end of each finger is a small black claw. Lastly, is a fluffy tail that can be attached to a belt or belt loop with ease.

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