Infant Shrimp Costume


We all know shrimp is delicious! But who knew shrimp could look so cute! Your little one will look adorable in this exclusive Infant Shrimp Costume! This would make a great addition to your Forrest Gump costume!

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Little ShrimpBeing the littlest shrimp in the ocean isn’t easy. When baby shrimps are born, they are almost the smallest creatures on Earth, but they learn from a young age how to use that to their advantage!When other shrimps would get in trouble for screaming and crying, or for making messes at the dinner table, the baby shrimps just give their shrimp mom one beaming smile and everything is ok again. It is just like magic. With this costume, your baby will be able to do all the same things, and you wont be able to resist those charming smiles.Product DetailsMaking sure your baby is the life of the any cocktail party is as easy as putting them in this amazing Infant Shrimp Costume. This “Made By Us” costume was put together by our hard working and careful artisans, so you will feel good about using this for years to come. The included onesie fits comfortably and suits the whole baby look perfectly. Their little round face poking gout of the shrimp body will melt even the hardest hearts. The padded costume looks exactly like a cocktail shrimp, right down to the feelers and protruding eyes. You will love seeing your baby in this costume!Don’t Be ShellfishIf you are looking for the perfect way to dress up your cute little baby, then you are in the right place! Brace yourself for the oohs and ahs you will hear when you produce this little morsel. Just make sure you serve them up with a good dab of butter!

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