Sweeney Todd’s Mrs. Lovett Wig


Complete your mad butcher look with this exclusive Sweeney Todd’s Mrs. Lovett Wig! Let the meat pie making begin!

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THE BEST HAIR IN LONDONNo matter how delightful a gal you might be, if you’re forced to live in squalor, making meat pies out of the random rat or cat that comes too near the back alley, you’re probably going to be dealing with enough stress to make you pull your hair out! Of course, there is a solid way to avoid that.  While you might be making the Worst Pies in London, you can still rent out your upstairs room to the best barber the world has ever seen.  In no time, even when you’re a bit frazzled and tangled up in trouble, you can look fantastic!DESIGN & DETAILSWith this exclusive and licensed Sweeney Todd’s Ms. Lovett Wig, you can enjoy the fun part of Lovett’s life and dodge all that nasty oven business towards the end.  Our skilled craftsfolk have traveled back to the mid-19th century to perfect the style and design of this look made famous by Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal.  Enjoy the messy curls and anxiety-ridden look thanks to the separated bangs and teased fibers.  Perfect for pie making, murdering, and singing about it!ALL THE ANXIETY WITHOUT THE STRESSTrying to pull off the look of the downtrod and overworked baker in 19th century London is enough work to make you lose your hair.  Avoid all that stress and still perfect the look with our exclusive Ms. Lovett Wig and get right to the fun of making those tasty Friar pies!  (Er… fried pies.)

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