Adult Cruella De Vil Costume


This Adult Cruella De Vil Costume is a licensed Disney 101 Dalmatians costume that lets you be deliciously evil in your pursuit of puppies!

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Wow, this costume is hardcore. Sure, people love to dress up as scary creatures. You’ve got your vampires, your werewolves, zombies, all of that jazz. Some people even go so far as to dress up like Freddy Kruger or Jason. Those are some pretty scary costumes, to be sure. But Cruella? Cruella De Vil? That woman is next level evil. You don’t believe us, do you? You’re thinking “She’s just from a Disney movie. How bad could she be?”Uh, well we got news for you, bucko, she is that bad. Think about it: what is Cruella’s only goal? To make a coat out of one hundred and one puppies. Did you read that right? Puppies. That’s her only goal. What kind of sick mind is so obsessed with fur that her only goal is stealing the coat from bunch of puppies? Seriously, she gets up every day and looks at her to do list and it just says “1. make a coat from 101 Dalmatians.” That’s just ridiculous. The woman is obviously crazy and quite dangerous.Are you scared now? Good. You should be. Puppies are awesome and sweet and they have soft fur (after all, that’s the point) and they give sweet little puppy kisses. Who doesn’t like puppy kisses? Cruella, that’s who. So, if truly scaring people is your goal, this is the costume for you. It features a slick dress that’ll suit an evil fashionista quite perfectly. You’ll also get long red gloves, a white faux fur stole, and a wig with that black and white hair that we all know and love. Just be aware that you won’t be welcome at humane societies, animal sanctuaries, or anywhere else decent, dog-loving people gather. Cruella De Vil is the scariest costume there is.

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