Toad Toddler Costume


This Toad Toddler Costume is the starter gear to training a Mario Kart champion! It comes licensed from the classic Nintendo franchise.

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Sure, Mario and Luigi are always out to rescue the princess, but you can bet that they’ll never pass up an opportunity to hang with Toad.Because, if we’re being honest here, Toad really has the most to offer. He keeps those Italian brothers supplied with P-Wings, Super Mushrooms, and Fire Flowers, not to mention giving them gifts as often as he can. How nice is that? Unfortunately this little dude is about as unfortunate as Princess Peach. He gets captured frequently and the Mario brothers often need to save him too. We’re glad he gets saved first. He’s one handy dude to have around with all of the loot he gives! Not only that, but he also has a sweet little mushroom house, a crazy little mushroom hat, and his strange little toady voice. We don’t know about you, but when it comes to picking characters, we always go for Toad.If your little one is like us and likes this happy little walking fungus, maybe they’d like to dress up as Toad in this Toad Toddler Costume. It’s got a little jumpsuit with white legs, a skin-toned shirt, and blue vest with gold edging. There’s even a big red stuffed velour hat with white dots to look like Toad’s! Your little one can be part of the Mario crew in no time… the best part of the Mario crew, that is.

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