Silver Holo Body Harness w/Wings


Looking for that last piece for your Halloween costume to pull the look together? This Silver Holo Body Harness w/ Wings might just be what you’re looking for!

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Did It Hurt When You Fell from Heaven? You’re clearly an angel in disguise or a fairy incognito, but sometimes people need a visiual reminder. It’s tough to walk around with a halo when you’re trying to rock a trendy hairdo, and fairy dust has a glitter-bomb kind of effect when you use it indoors. Fortunately, you’ve got just the alternative to show off your otherworldly status! Product DetailsEvery time a bell rings, a special person gets this adorable Women’s Silver Holo Body Harness with Wings! The unique accessory is made of shiny vinyl that has an iridescent rainbow finish, a comfortable fabric backing, and chrome hardware. Two attached wings sit over your shoulder blades and the straps are size-adjustable for a perfect fit. Winged Wonder These sweet wings elevate any outfit to costume status. Fit these wings on and you’ll get maximum effect with minimum effort – definitely our favorite kind of outfit! 

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