Die Hard Yippi Ki Yay Face Mask for Adults


Yippi Ki Yay! and drop some C4 on Hans Gruber and his goons to ruin all of his Christmas plans with this Diehard Yippi Ki Yay! Face Mask.

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Happy Trails, HansHans Gruber had a really rock-solid plan. Swoop in with a bunch of his tough-looking friends, intimidate a handful of suits into giving them the contents of the Nakatomi Building safe, and then skedaddle before anyone is the wiser. Even with John McClane, running around the building, he still had things under control. His only real mistake? Trying to steal John’s catchphrase. Once he said it, he took a moment to drop his guard and enjoy the moment… and John McClane ended up tossing out of a skyscraper!Had he just not utter those three words and just gotten rid of John, he could have been relaxing on a sandy beach somewhere. We suggest that if you’re planning on scheming against someone like John McClane, you don’t utter his catchphrase… just wear this mask instead!Fun DetailsThis Yippi Ki Yay Die Hard Face Mask brings the catchphrase from the iconic action movie. The mask is made out of a polyester and spandex blend material, with a cotton and spandex blend lining. It also comes with adjustable elastic ear loops. Just toss it on and it’ll be like saying the catchphrase without ever letting your guard down!

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