Spiderweb Hoop Earrings


If you are looking for a fun pair of earrings that will spruce up your everyday outfits or Halloween costume. These Spiderweb Hoop Earrings will add that extra sparkle you’re looking for.

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Spooky Spinners Have you ever stopped to really look at a spiderweb? They’re really beautiful, aren’t they? Each one is like a unique lace doily. They’d be very popular if it weren’t for the fact that they’re made by creepy-crawlies with too many eyes, legs, and fangs. Plus, anyone who’s walked into one of their works of art knows that the sticky feeling is not what you want from your accessories. Product DetailsThese Spiderweb Hoop Earring give you the best of both worlds: A striking addition to your outfit without the usual accompanying arachnid! The black earrings resemble symmetrical spiderwebs and feature sturdy silver-tone posts. They’re ideal for completing a creepy costume or giving your normal outfit some Halloween flair. Webby and Wonderful If Halloween is your favorite time of year, don’t hold back when you deck your home and yourself with faux spiderwebs! They’re sure to delight anyone who sees them, especially when they realize that they won’t have to keep an eye out for real bugs. 

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