Silver Happy Birthday Sparkle Tiara


Whether you’re going out or throwing a fun party for your birthday, be sure to let everyone know it is your special day with this Silver Happy Birthday Sparkle Tiara!

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Birthday On The BrainIn our opinion, your birthday is a pretty big deal. You showed up on planet Earth on that day, and again, that’s a pretty big deal in our book! The importance of the day cannot be emphasized enough. It’s worth shouting about! However, we understand some places of work probably discourage doing that (looking directly at you, libraries, nurseries, national parks). How do you let people know it’s your birthday? We have a solution, and it’s called the Happy Birthday Silver Sparkle Tiara, and we think it’s going to work just fine.Fun DetailsThis dazzling head accessory is designed specifically to let friends, acquaintances, and strangers know what day it is without saying a single word. Made of metal, this tiara was likely forged by artisans humming “Happy Birthday to You” as they worked, and the plastic hair clips attached to it are specifically designed to reinforce the tiara on your head when you’re laughing hysterically at all the fun you’re having. Sparkly glitter on the front spells out “Happy Birthday,” and really reinforces the message: it’s MY birthday, and it’s a great day!

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