Girls Snow White Classic Costume


Be prepared to feel magical in this Girls Snow White Classic Costume. Everyone will wish they could be as pretty of a princess.

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Forest FriendsWhile views of the castle are standard in princess movies, it seems to us that Snow White might actually be most happy in the forest. Of course, the reason why she ended up in the woods was pretty awful. But once she was there, she adapted fast! Within hours she was sitting in a clearing, singing to the birds and welcoming baby animals onto her dress. When she was found by the dwarves, they could have easily gotten mad at her for stealing their beds. But they recognized her kind spirit immediately. They knew that she not only was kind but she also understood their down-to-earth woodsy lifestyle. She got them in line, helped teach them to clean the house. And when she wasn’t exploring the forest and singing into wells, she was baking pies. No wonder everyone in the forest adored this classic Disney princess!Product DetailsThis bright blue and yellow costume immediately brings your favorite princess to life. The glossy blue top has a gold, scrolling pattern. It’s trimmed in red braiding with a peplum flaring from the tips. Puffed red and blue sleeves will make your child feels extra fancy like the princess she is at heart. The costume has a flared collar around the neckline and it secures up the back with hook and loop strips. The dress is singing and dancing ready with a full tulle skirt for an instant, cheery look!An Apple A DaySnow White might be a little old school but we think White’s got a distinctly modern appeal. She’s into healthy snacks, taking care of the natural creatures around her, and making friends with people who are different than her. So while your little one might not be hanging around a well for a prince to save her from a pretty rad situation, she’s sure to love taking on the role of Snow White! 

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