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This Bubble Machine provides endless fun for a party! Make any party come to life by incorporating this handy bubble machine. It requires 2 C batteries and simple bubble solution.

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Bubbles Made EasyIs there anything more satisfying than bursting an ascending soap bubble? By poking it with a finger or clapping both hands together, the floating droplet suddenly disappears into nothing right before your very eyes; it’s just like magic. A day filled with bubble-blowing is a fun and carefree way to spend a beautiful spring or summer day but it can also become quite tiring. Taking deep breaths and continuously blowing through puckered lips is all fun and games until the lower half of your face goes numb. (Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea.) Now there’s a way to blow bubbles without exerting all your energy. Just insert batteries into this bubble machine and it will do all the work so you get to have all the fun! Product DetailsThis helpful little machine runs on 2 C batteries (not included)and simple bubble solution. A specific plug adaptor can also propel the bubbles. Please note, this playful machine is not exclusive to commercial bubble solution; the homemade kind will do just fine too.Bursting With FunMake any Halloween decor scene come to life by integrating this handy bubble machine. Pro tip: hide it behind a witch’s cauldron so it appears like she’s stirring up a bubbling concoction.    

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