Bonnie the Bandit Women’s Costume


Not every couple’s costume has to be sweet! Dress up in this exclusive Women’s Bonnie the Bandit Costume to recreate a modern day Bonnie and Clyde duo!

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In it for the Long RunYou’ve always wanted a job that allowed you to travel. There are just so many places to go! Little did you know, that was a secret perk for your brand new gig as a bank robber. You did your due diligence when you went into the bank. You covered your face with a chic bandana and gave all your orders in a French accent to give the police a nice big red herring. And that worked for the first couple hits. But when you’re a bank robber, you’ve just got to keep moving. You don’t mind. So far you’ve stayed in a cozy mountain cabin in Idaho, a bungalow outside of Las Vegas, and uncountable fine hotels along the west coast. Sure, you might be on the run but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the journey!Design & DetailsWant a style that’s both vintage and villainous? Our in house designers were sure to add plenty of care to keep this Made by US Bonnie the Bandit costume both comfortable and flattering. The high-waisted skirt looks like it’s straight out of a vintage photo with its flared hem and classic herringbone pattern. The blouse buttons up the front and has subtly puffed three-quarter sleeves. The look is polished off with a beret and a scarf that’s been specially designed just for this costume. Hooligan HeartthrobsSome couples just can’t stay in the lines. They’ve gotta break the rules! Pair this Bonnie costume with one of our gangster or mob boss costumes to make this a couple’s affair. Want to make this costume picture perfect? Keep your loot in a bank money bag to make sure a purse won’t interrupt your get-away. And if you really want to make your entrance and exit memorable, drop fake money wherever you go as if your pockets are overflowing with illicit cash. That’s just one way to lay down some criminal charm!

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