Green Enchantress Crown Headpiece


Add this Green Enchantress headdress to your woodland princess, or toga costume to take it to another level! This enchantress is perfect for all ages.

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Enchanted Garden Must-havesA garden fairy is a twinkling, magic being. They coax seeds out of the soil and tease the flowers into blooming. In the fall, they dust the plants with frost and help them get ready for winter. With all this responsibility, it makes sense that fairies have a few must-haves. For one, they’ve got to have lightweight footwear for flitting from plant to plant. Secondly, they’ve got to have a little sparkle for taking in the morning sun and dappling moonlight. And most of all, they’ve got to have a crown to top off their magical ensemble and give them the authority to give the aphids and grasshoppers their marching orders. Are you ready to take on the role of garden fairy? You will be once this green enchantress crown is on your head!Product DetailsThis lovely green crown with its long ribbons falling down the back is sure to be a favorite for playing dress-up! Whether you’re dressing up as a Greek goddess or a fairy, it adds a little magic to all sorts of outfits. It can be tied to fit heads of all sizes, so you can be sure it will fit forest queens, fairies, and goddesses for years to come!

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