Set of 3 Ghostly Lawn Decoration


Get these Ghostly Group Set of Three decorative ghosts for your outdoor Halloween decorations! Keep the trick-or-treaters on the lookout for ghosts with these ethereal decorations!

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Lively CompromiseYou’ve been trying to summon actual Halloween spirits to your home for years. It really would liven up your celebrations. But, for whatever reason, the friendly ghosts on your invite list haven’t shown. That could be because spirits typically manifest in translucent forms that are hard to see in any light. Or likely, they’re up to their own business like this little summoners circle.Luckily, we checked, and this Ghostly Group is up to similar work as you! They want humans to attend their Halloween festivities, and we’re here to facilitate a compromise!Product DetailsDon’t just feel the spirit. See it in action when you welcome these playful souls to your Halloween decor! The set of three ghost figures comes to life with lightweight foam-topped stakes covered in white cloth. Posing the ghostly group in your yard takes little effort, thanks to the decoration’s design. And once assembled and secured, the wee ghosties stand just shy of their full 30-inch height.Ghost and GuestGet ghoul and guest working on the same level with this family-friendly Ghostly Group Set of Three! Summoned to your lawn, these playful souls treat you to the fun of having visible ghosts around all season. Meanwhile, the Halloween spirits enjoy celebrating alongside a truly lively bunch of humans!

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