Women’s Officer Pat U. Down Costume


Do not let anyone sneak any illegal contraband into the Halloween party with this Women’s Officer Pat U. Down Costume. This super cute costume is perfect for any costume party.

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Mugging VictimRacing to your vehicle, you immediately kick it into high gear and put on your flashing lights and sirens. You have just been informed that your long-time friend at the diner has been the victim of a mugging, and you are the only one close enough to respond.Rushing wildly through the streets, you make it to his shop in less than five minutes, bursting through the door and taking in the scene at a glance. No one else is there but your friend, Joe, who is sitting with a confused expression on his face as he takes the first sip of his morning coffee. “Wanna mug o’ Joe?” he asks.Product DetailsPicking a hero to dress up as can be a tough decision, but it just got a lot easier with this Women’s Officer Pat U. Down Costume. The included dress, gloves, hat, belt, nameplate, and badges have all the police details that you are looking for in a costume. The deep blue of the comfortable and stylish dress is flattering on everyone, as is the deep black of the belt and gloves. The silvery details of the buttons and badges really pop against the darker background, making your every movement noticeable and flashy. From head to toe, you will look and feel like the coolest cop ever in this awesome costume!Feeling BlueIf you are feeling like you want to wear something blue and awesome at the same time, then you will love this Women’s Officer Pat U. Down Costume. Just make sure you pay extra attention whenever someone mentions mugs of joe!

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