16 Inch Chop Shop Cleaver Sign Decoration


Everyone decorates their front doors, yards and fences for the Halloween season, but garages and sheds deserve some holiday spookiness too! If you agree, this 16″ Chop Shop Cleaver Sign Decoration is just the decor you have been looking for!

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Not Chopping Broccoli Over HereChopping broccoli isn’t scary. We probably didn’t need to tell you that, but… well, here we are. Chopping meat, on the other hand? Well, that can be scary! A butcher shop can be a bloody mess and we think that it reminds us of our own mortality. Also, it doesn’t hurt that more than just a few horror movies feature a gruesome meat cleaver as the primary weapon of choice by the villain. And he’s not using it to cut up some broccoli for that nice vegetarian soup recipe.If you want to add that gruesome butcher look to your home, then all you need is this Chop Shop Cleaver Sign Decoration!Product DetailsThis creepy sign is designed to look like a hunk of jagged wood and comes with a hanging cord on top. The words “Chop Shop” are etched into the front and a large, plastic meat cleaver is attached to the bottom. Just hang it up in your kitchen to help transform the room into another terrifying addition to your haunted house! If it’s too scary, maybe just put a few pieces of broccoli around it to soften the look a little!

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