Horror Gnome Halloween Decoration


Decorate your garden like the horror nut you are with this Horror Gnome. This zombie gnome prop will (un)liven up your yard.

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Savage GardenYour granny’s garden used to be so nice. She had roses growing near the front door, fruit trees around the side, and a verdant vegetable patch in the back. Then she went on a cruise for the summer, leaving you to keep her plants alive as she spends her days playing shuffleboard in a seersucker suit. Good thing, too. Cause that summer, her garden went bad.You first noticed it when you dozed off in a lawn chair after watering the fruit trees. All the sudden you were pelted by tiny crab apples. You shook it off and blamed the squirrels, that is, until the next time you stopped by and noticed your grandma’s lawn ornaments had crept closer while you pulled dandelions out from between the tomato plants. The once happy gnomes seemed hungry and you could tell by the look in their eyes that tomatoes just weren’t going to do it! It goes without saying that when you talked to granny that afternoon, you fully supported her decision to invest in an apartment in Florida.Product DetailsThis gnome is just subtle enough to make your lawn’s decor both hilarious and horrifying. At just under 1 and a half feet tall, it’ll stand out in any flower bed. It has eerie blood around the mouth and its hands are reaching out to reach its newest victim!

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