Scuba Diving Backpack


Explore the deep seas with this Scuba Diving Backpack. This exclusive costume accessory is the perfect way to finish off your scuba diver costume and keep all your stuff safe this Halloween.

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Deep in ThoughtWant to know a secret? Dressing up in costume is all about stirring the imagination. Once you slip into a new look, you can put your mindset in a brand new place. So, maybe deep-sea diving isn’t in the budget this year. Hey, maybe it is! Either way, this scuba diving backpack is a great way to transport yourself into the deep, blue sea. You might be in the middle of a Halloween party, but you’ll feel like you’re discovering Atlantis. Who knew there were so many witches and vampires in the long, lost underwater empire? Dive into a new dress-up adventure with this scuba diving backpack and who knows what deep imaginative thoughts this tank will help you discover at your next costumed occasion!Design & DetailsThis Made by Us scuba diving tank is a lot more light weight than the real deal. Made of soft, colorful material with just the right amount of shine, this tank looks cartoonish yet realistic. The top of the scuba diving backpack has a black zipper that blends in with the black base. Throw in your wallet, keys, and phone, pretty handy since most diving suits don’t come with pockets! 

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