Kid’s Police Hat


You have the right to accessorize! He’ll look like an authentic police officer in a Kid’s Police Hat. It’s the most official way to lay down the law.

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Your kid is on the side of justice. No crime goes unpunished. No baddie gets away. All mysteries are solved. Your kid plays the cop. But, if your kid is the cop, can you really expect their friends who are playing the bandits to take your kid seriously without the proper hat?Just as police officers are known for the badges, bright lights, and batons, a good police hat is identifiable for blocks away. It says “here comes the law!” and “no crimes on my watch!” (insert other cop cliches here). So if your kid wants to be on the good side of the law, they better dress the part, including their headgear. Our Kid’s Police Hat ought to do the trick. It’s navy blue with a black vinyl rim and a silver police badge. Even the sight of this thing will sent those baddies running for the backyard!

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