Plus Size Camel Costume


Well, this is one way to celebrate getting through Hump Day! This Plus Size Camel costume is a hilarious way to annoy / delight your co workers. Available in 2X, 3X and 4X.

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Here are some reasons why you may be a perfect fit for this costume: you get up slowly (and maybe a bit awkwardly) from a lying down position; you’re quite content in hot, dry weather; you can drink liters and liters of water at a time; Wednesday is your favorite day of the week and you need a new way to celebrate Hump Day!If any of that sounds like you–and even if it doesn’t, you may just be inexplicably drawn to even-toed ungulates–this plus size camel costume has you written all over it! This little guy only has one hump, so that makes him an Arabian camel or dromedary. Also, camels rarely sweat which is a nice perk. But truly, a camel is an extraordinary animal. Camels have evolved to be able to survive long stretches of time in the desert without water or sustenance, all while being really, really adorable.Tonight, though, isn’t about suffering through or sticking anything out. Tonight is about FUN, and fun you shall have. This tan flannel jumpsuit boasts a single stuffed hump (making you what kind of camel, again?) and a camel head from under which you can peer out at the rolling dunes–or the party’s dance floor. The best part of being a camel, you may find, is that you don’t even need to shower before the shindig because camels are known for being a bit smelly; another nice perk of being a camel!

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