Kid’s Meerkat Costume


Make it feel like the Savannah with this Kid’s Meerkat Costume! The The tawny color on this jumpsuit has stripes up the back and a pointy stuffed tail. Large shoe covers, a headpiece and stuffed hood complete this look.

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Cutest CommunitiesWhen it comes to the animal kingdom, families run a little differently than our human family structures. Once baby birds can fly and find food on their own, they don’t hang around long. They literally fly off into the sunset without even a, “thanks, mom and dad!”. Then there are wolves who hang around each other longer unless their pups are male. Then they’ve got to head out on their own to find their own pack once they’re grown. Meerkats, however, create tightknit families. They work together to make sure everyone stays fed, safe, and well-groomed. They babysit for each other, talk between themselves with unique voices, and even bring each other treats. When it comes to animal communities, becoming part of the meerkat family sounds pretty good to us!Design & DetailsThis Made by Us costume has been designed by our in-house creative team. Zipping up the front, this costume is a cozy option for a brisk Halloween. The tawny color has stripes up the back and a pointy stuffed tail. Large shoe covers strap over whatever comfy shoes your child wants to wear. A headpiece fits over your kiddo’s head and it has a strap under the chin that secures with a hook and loop strip. Sculpted with alert eyes, round ears, and a cute tuft of mane on the top. Your child will love transforming into an adorable meerkat from top to bottom in this high-quality costume. No Lion AllowedHave you found the perfect costume for your little one? Well, the meerkat madness doesn’t have to stop here. If you really want to let loose you can dress up the whole family as this community-oriented animal, including yourself! Have you put together a look you love? No need to keep it to yourself! Share the cuteness in the review so that other families can join in the meerkat movement!

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