Infant Space Astronaut Costume


Get ready for blast off in this adorable Infant Space Astronaut Costume! This is the perfect costume to keep your little one safe out in the galaxy on their next adventure!

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Space CaseLike all babies, yours loves to stare up. However, unlike most babies, that’s about the only place they look. Sure, their big glassy eyes swivel in your direction when you speak or bring them a bottle, but otherwise, those peepers are fixed toward the sky. At first, you thought little of it—all babies do it. But after reaching the stage where distant shapes are no longer blurry, and colors become visible, you started to wonder what was going on. So, you’d lie with them and watch the ceiling, clouds, tree branches, or stars that hung above you both. Other than the serene beauty of it all, you still weren’t sure why up was their favorite place to look.Then, one night you took your restless little one out to see a bright full moon. As expected, their eyes were trained to the sky so they couldn’t miss the stunning sight. That’s when it happened. They reached up! They cooed in approval—this is what they had been waiting to see. Your staring kiddo wasn’t a space case. They were casing space for a place where their imagination could land.Design & DetailsGet your sweet stargazer ready for the adventure of a lifetime with this Space Astronaut Infant Costume. Dressed in this soft and cozy Minky jumpsuit, they’ll look prepared for their first moon landing or at least a trip around the block for a family trick-or-treat. You’ll have your baby ready to go quickly, thanks to the metal snaps along the in-seam and up the front center of the costume. Black ribbing forms leg and sleeve cuffs, while black Minky adds definition to the collar and bodice of the costume. Four unique embroidered patches are appliqued to the sleeves and chest to give this exclusive astronaut uniform an official look.To the MoonPlan an out-of-this-world family Halloween costume with this Space Astronaut Costume for Infants at the center. The Made By Us jumpsuit gets your little one dressed for a cozy October night exploring the neighborhood with their fellow spacefarers, aliens, or candy cravers. And makes an adorable outfit for playtime missions to the moon!

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