Royal Knight’s Sword Prop


Complete your Knight costume with this exclusive Royal Knight’s Sword accessory. This exclusive sword accessory is perfect for Halloween night this year.

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So you’re off to battle the dragon, eh? Well good for you! Our only question is this: how good is your sword?A fighter is nothing without a good blade. How is a swordsman or woman supposed to guard the realm, save the king, and defeat hoards of monsters without a good blade? Without a sword how can they duel for honor, defend themselves, and impressively wave the shiny thing about? Quite simply: they can’t.So if you’re a Lord, a knight, a shield maiden, or just some average Joe who’s having a troll problem in his backyard, make sure you get your hands on a Royal Knight’s Sword. This baby is 42″ long with a 7″ grip and is great tool for walloping on any baddies that come your way. It’s sure to get your point across.

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