Kid’s Mighty Musketeer Costume


Whether your kid will be wearing our Kid’s Mighty Musketeer Costume with a couple of their best buddies or all on their own, we think they’ll be ready for all sorts of adventures come this Halloween!

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One for All and All for FunA Musketeer must be prepared for anything! One moment, a Musketeer might have to fend off a dozen enemies with nothing but his wits and a rapier, and the next, he might have to rescue royalty from the clutches of some evil schemers. The one thing a Musketeer can always count on is that an adventure is always waiting for him just around the corner! That’s why they always dress in the finest outfit, perfect for a fencing duel or a daring rescue mission. And they always bring a few pals with them to join in on the fun.If your child is itching for adventure, and a new blazing blue outfit, then it’s time to transform him into one of the debonair Musketeers! This Mighty Musketeer Costume for kids will have your child embracing his inner d’Artagnan!Design & DetailsOur costume designers wanted to craft a Musketeer costume that would make the great Alexandre Dumas proud! This kid’s costume comes with 5 pieces, designed to give your child a very heroic look. It starts with a bright blue tunic with attached sleeves and a silver cross symbol on the front. It also comes with a pair of brown costume pants that have elastic in the waist. The belt and boot covers are made of faux leather. The belt has an adjustable buckle and the boot covers fit over most pairs of shoes. The brown hat puts the finishing touch on the outfit and it even comes with a white feather on it. It all combines for a look that your child can wear during any adventure!Adventure AwaitsIf your child is a courageous young thrill-seeker, then he may just have what it takes to be a Musketeer. When he wears this Made by Us Musketeer costume, he’ll be ready for anything!

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