Riverdale Womens Cherry Blossom Serpent Jacket


Become the school’s red-headed Queen Bee with the Riverdale Womens Cherry Blossom Serpent Jacket, instantly transforming you into Cherry Bombshell herself.

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Red-Hot StyleSome love her, some hate her, and some aren’t sure about her—but no one can deny that Cheryl Blossom has serious style! Who could forget the moment in season two where Cheryl gets her iconic Southside Serpents jacket from Jughead Jones while her proud girlfriend looks on? Based on the Archie comics, the live action TV show Riverdale has given us plenty of bombshell moments. Bring that moment to life with your own Riverdale Womens Cherry Blossom Serpent Jacket! This bright red number is perfect for your Riverdale inspired Halloween costume.Product DetailsThis jacket is a costume piece, made of polyester and polyurethane foam. The front is zippered and has faux pocket details, but the real show is on the back. Turn around to reveal your gang of choice: the Southside Serpents! The jacket is an amazing replica of the one worn by Madelaine Petsch on the CW’s hit show, complete with the gang’s green snake design, mouth wide open and fangs ready to attack. To wear this bright jacket like Cheryl, we recommend some dark, tight pants and a bold red lip. Red hair wouldn’t be a bad idea either! If you need black boots like Cheryl’s, check out our website for some great combat boots.If Looks Could Kill…You will be ready to slay in this bombshell jacket! Fans of Riverdale know that, as privileged and cunning as Cheryl can be, she has been through a lot. Each season brings more trouble to Cheryl Blossom and her compatriots. But she keeps pushing forward and reaching for what she wants, no matter who gets in the way. It certainly makes for great television! So channel your inner Cherry Bombshell by slipping on this jacket, putting your nose in the air, and walking with purpose!

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