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Take your alien costume for earthing to out of this world when you add these exclusive Galactic Alien Glasses.

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Intergalactic Exchange ProgramAfter hosting students from Japan, Germany, and Brazil, your child’s school is finally upgrading to an intergalactic student exchange program. While the students from Mars and Pluto are sure to give your school a lesson in culture, there’s a lot of preparation to be done! First, we can’t assume that anyone who gets off the spaceship who’s under five feet is a high school age teen. You don’t want to confuse the buttoned-up Mr. Zryihx with his angsty son Junior Zryihx. Simply let them introduce themselves first to avoid any social faux pas. Secondly, don’t be alarmed when your intergalactic student doesn’t have the same tastes as your kid. Many Martians have grown fond of Windex for the high level of hexoxyethanol. To them, it tastes like pumpkin spice and helps keep them focused. Lastly, make them feel at home with accessories that fit in with their aesthetic tastes, like these fashionable galactic alien glasses!Product Details & DesignYou won’t find these wild glasses just anywhere because they’re Made-By-Us! This means our very own designers put plenty of thought into this intergalactic design. The iridescent lenses provide your child with wide eyes that are at a slight slant, like the little green men we’ve all come to know and love. Star StruckYour child’s first interaction with someone from another planet might be a little awkward. Prepare them for that inevitable meeting with these lovely metallic alien glasses. Just be warned, the planetary travelers might take your child for your leader.  

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